Representing    Canada   in the WDF World Cup in   japan are                                        Men--> Jeff Smith                                                                                                                           Terry Fougere                                                                                                                 Kiley Edmunds                                                                                                                Nick Smith                                                                                         Youth Boys--> Ethan Costanzo                                                                                                              Riley Osmond                                                                                          Women--> Patricia Farrell                                                                                                                Kim Bellay Rousselle                                                                                                   Dianne Gobeil                                                                                                                  Georgina Ratt                                                                                   Youth Girls--> Jayden Rolfe                                                                                                                     Hayley Crowley                                                                             Alternates-->  Cathy Matthews                                                                                                             Marcel Simard                                                           

Team Canada shirts worn at the WDF World Cup

2017 WDF World Cup

Fantastic presentation for the opening ceremonies of the WDF World Cup in Japan

Nice to see My winmau Darts for sale  in Japan at the World Cup :)

Hiroyuki Houri with a great selection of Winmau Darts products

Team Canada


(All times in Japanese Standard Time)

Friday 6th October (Live Stream Stage Finals)
10:00 Women’s Singles “KO” up to and including Semi-Finals
10:00 Youth Mixed Pairs Round Robins + “KO up to and including Semi-Finals
11:00 Men’s Pairs “KO” up to and including semi-Finals
17:30 Stage Final: Youth Mixed Pairs
18:15 Stage Final: Girls Pairs
19:00 Stage Final: Boys Pairs
19:45 Stage Final: Women’s Pairs
20:30 Stage Final: Men’s Pairs

Saturday 7th October (Live Stream Stage Finals)
11:00 Stage Finals
16:45 Presentations & Conclusion (until 18.30)

Jeff and his teammates started off nicely in the team event with a win of 9-6 over Germany and a 9-2 win over India..

Edmunds had the decider in the last match to win over Sweden.. unfortunately lost to Sweden 8-9. They still advanced being 2nd in their group making it into the top 16 but were't able to get past Australia in the knock outs.. very well done boys!

Watch the semi Final here.. thank you Elaine Walker for the live feeds :)

   Jeff makes it into the Finals of the WDF World Cup in Japan!           

                    Last 64   beat   Cody Harris(N.Zealand) 4-0                                                          Last 32                   Tricole Thibault(France) 4-2                                          with a nail biter 12 dart checkout for the win   into the last 16                          Last 16                   Patrick Susanna(Italy) 4-3                                                  Quarter finals           Chris Landman(Netherlands) 5-3                                    Semi finals                  Willem Mandigers(Netherlands) 6-1                                                                                                                                                                        

The Second Canadian to reach the stage Finals  ..lets see if he'll be the first to win the title at the   WDF World Cup

               He will be playing Raymond Smith from Australia                    



  Jeff and Kiley Edmunds did very  well in the Men's pairs:                

                          Smith/Edmunds    4-1   Weis/Kieffer(Lux)                             

                               Smith/Edmunds   4-0  Cho/Kim(Kor)                                 

                       Smith/Edmunds   4-1   Mathura/LeBlanc(Tt)                        

                     Smith/Edmunds   4-3 Larsson/Engstrom(Swe)                    

Semi Finals     Smith/Edmunds    5-4     Martinez/Verdonck(Bel)     

   Finals--->  Smith/Edmunds    3-6     Koltsov/Oreshkin(Rus)              

                                              well done boys!                                                 

Jeff And Kiley Team Pairs silver medalists

A huge shout out to our youth and ladies throughout this event as well .Its been a blast to play with all of you this week.. Elaine - Don- Jayme - Jason have been great managers ..all have worked hard. Way to represent everyone, Im proud to wear the Canada Logo along with you

A huge CONGRATULATIONS goes to our new 2017 World Cup Champion                             Jeff Smith..the first Canadian to get the title!                                         

Go to the 2 hour 22 minute mark to watch  the Men's Finals Smith(Can)  Vs   Smith(Aus)           

Another Congratulations are in order yet again to Jeff for winning the Japan Bud Brick Memorial  ------------------------>