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I started playing youth darts back when I was 10-11 years old.  My grandfather was my reason to get involved... I played my first Youth Nationals  back in 1990 at 14 and it turned into 5 great years in a row .In 1996 I represented NB as an adult for the first time.  That year I knocked out Carl Mercer (Canada's #1 Ranked player at the time) to make Team Canada.  My grandfather's health wasn't well enough to make the trip over to England with me, but we all knew how proud he was.  Since then I've played the World Masters 5 times, reaching the stage play this year .In 2008 I became the first graduate of the NDFC Youth Program to win the National Singles title, paving the way for others like Terry Hayhurst & Cindy Hayhurst.  In 2012 I went for a different approach, the PDC was looking more and more appealing so I tried Q-School.  On the 3rd day of qualifying, I found myself with a professional Tour Card.  But being such an expense, I wasn't able to give myself a fair shake on the Pro-Tour.  What I did get from it though, was a trip to Germany to play the World Cup with Canada's greatest player John Part.  So now with a little bit of major stage experience, some credibility for having gotten through Q-School, I decided it was time to head back to the Masters for another try.  I went through 400+ players that weekend and qualified for the BDO World Championships.  Which that turned into a Semi-Final and a automatic invite back the next year.  The next year I managed to reach the final, being only the 2nd Canadian in history to do so. Hard to believe that one qualifier turned into 3 World Championships, 2 World Trophies, and a PDC Grand Slam of Darts Determination is always your best tool for success.Be a great sport and embassador for the game, and get people involved.  Because you never know when your story is going to happen. If you represent yourself with respect, your opponents the same ...you'll have a great time!      

Jeff "The Silencer" Smith   

 Jeff resides in Hampton N.B Canada 

He is a family man and owns his own automotive business called Champions Choice Autobody.

His wife Rachel and 3 children Natasha ,Jessica and Kieran all support him 100 percent with his passions.

Jeff strives to be the best Husband,Father and business owner all while living his dream and following his passion for darts.


Country:                 Canada

D.O.B:                November 6,1975

Nickname:          The Silencer

Occupation:    Automotive Painter

Darts sponsor: Winmau  

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