We had the amazing Anastasia Dobromyslova 
* 3 Times World Champion 
* World Masters Champion
* World Trophy Champion 
* 3 Times Zuiderduin Masters Champion

Available for 6 nights of exhibitions in March  in N.B Canada,  As a special feature Anastasia also played in the New Brunswick BDO Ranked event. March 15-16-17 (her exhibitions were available the week leading into the BDO event)

We had the opportunity to host, play, and meet one of the best Lady Players of all time.

That was an awesome 10 days.. Anastasia Dobromyslova was an absolute blast during every event.

We would all be honored to have her back again.

So many great darts were thrown ..The exhibitions were a pleasure to watch and take part in.

March 9          Fairleys Sports Bar,Oromocto N.B

March 10     AJ's Restaurant & Lounge,St-John N.B

March 11    180 Sports Bar& Entertainment,Tobique,N.B

March 12           Uncle G's Sussex N.B

March 13     Sunny Brae Legion Moncton N.B

March 14  CC's Entertainment Center,Big Cove N.B

March 15-17        Hub City Open Shediac N.B

The Darren Webster exhibition was all we hoped for and more. I'm really happy Darren , Jaime and Zoe had the chance to experience some of Canada.. We will all miss them  but can definitely say we've had a blast.
Jeff presents:         PDC Superstar Darren Webster
        Aug 6th     Rama Casino Mississauga Ontario
        Aug 8th     Louie's on lewis Guelph Ontario
        Aug 10th    Aj's Lounge    Saint john NB
        Aug 13th     Pennfield  Dart Club Pennfield NB
First stop Rama Sports Lounge, Mississauga Ontario
Second stop Louie's on Lewis Guelph Ontario
Third stop AJ's Lounge Saint-John New-Brunswick
Fourth stop Pennfield Dart Club New-Brunswick

                  The Western Canadian Exhibition Tour with

John "Darth Maple" Part , Jeff "The Silencer" Smith and Dawson "Awesome Dawson'  Murschell was a success .We had an amazing 6 days of exhibitions ..can't thank you enough Dawson for all the work and effort you put in on this trip.Also a big thanks to all the challengers that stepped up to be part of the show..and most of all .. the people who came out and enjoyed themselves by watching.Nice to see some of our up and coming youth players getting a chance to take part.

                              Thank you Alberta & Saskatchewan

     Tungsten Tavern Dec 1,2017

                 Calgary Alberta

     WP Sports Lounge Dec 2,2017

            Regina Saskatchewan

      Daisy's Lounge Dec 3,2017

      Saskatoon Saskatchewan

          The Lodge Dec 4,2017

          Medicine Hat Alberta

     Tungsten Tavern Dec 5,2017

                Calgary Alberta

     Telford House Dec 6,2017

                Leduc Alberta

     Telford House Dec 6,2017

                Leduc Alberta

Jeff presents:     Jamie "YOZZA" Hughes

                                East Coast Nov 1-6th 2017

       Jamie Hughes Eastern Canada Exhibition

it's been a real treat to have Jamie Hughes and his manager Robert Macdougall here  in Canada this week. I hope you've enjoyed it as much as we have.

Jamie put on 6 absolutely fantastic exhibitions, and even played in one of our NDFC Opens.. I know you'll have many new Canadian Fans cheering you on for your upcoming Grand Slam and also Lakeside World Champioships.

Don't be shy to book this man up for exhibitions.. He's a real gentleman and does a great job.

Thank you my friend

Jamie Hughes pictured with challengers

                from Norton N.B Canada

Jamie Hughes pictured with challengers

                from Pennfield N.B Canada

Jamie Hughes pictured with challengers

                from Moncton N.B Canada

Jamie Hughes  with  Challenger Rod Snow from Bedford Nova-Scotia

Jamie Hughes  with  Challenger Mase Lloyd from  Saint-John N.B

        Jamie Hughes  with  Challenger Tony Boucher in Oromocto from Moncton N.B

We all a great time.. here is a little eastern humor from the Nor'Easter Chris Wallace

    Jamie Hughes  and Jeff Smith

                 with  Challenger 

   Chris "The Nor'Easter" Wallace                    from  Saint-John N.B

              Exhibitions with 

       Glen "DUZZA" Durrant

       Jamie "YOZZA" Hughes

     Jeff "The Silencer" Smith

Just want to say a big thank you to Glen Durrant and Jamie Hughes.. Had a blast being included in your exhibitions this week..Fantastic time with great ppl.

The Magnificent Seven


                                MAGNIFICENT SEVEN

 I had the honour to join , Andy Fordham , Darryl Fitton , Jamie Hughes , Jeff Smith , Deta Hedman and Anastasia Dobromyslova . Was a brilliant night , great darts , great fun and loads of money raised , thoroughly enjoyed it and would return in an instant.

Had the pleasure of being asked by Tony Martin to be part of his yearly exhibition (that was a blast, with some amazing people) Was awesome to be involved with this bunch at last night's exhibition. Thank you Tony Martin for inviting me, you put on a top notch event. The crowd was excellent.Jeff Smith


                          Jeff "The Silencer" Smith

                          John "Darth Maple" Part 

             Ontario and Quebec Canada April 2016

A big thank you to.. Kingston, Oshawa, and Quebec for hosting John Part and myself during our 2nd successful exhibition tour. I hope you've all had as much fun as we did. It takes a lot of hard work behind the scenes and we would like to thank each of the organizers who made this possible. Richard Cuerrier, Dave Holmes/Pamela Stolk, Neil Creighton thanks again.


                         John "Darth Maple' Part

                        Jeff "The Silencer" Smith

        East coast Maritimes and Newfoundland

                               December 2015

Jeff...You require 170!

On behalf of John Part and myself.. We'd like to thank each of the 6 locations that held exhibitions with us.. AJs Lounge, Pennfield Lions Club, Fairley's Sports Bar, Louisbourg Legion, Cornerbrook Press Club, and the Deer Lake Legion. 

And most of all.. The crowds were terrific! I hope You all enjoyed the darts. . It was a great success.

contact below regarding exhibition bookings